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Note: only the cloth duct.
Sky Tube is not included.

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Product description

  • Craftsman Light Blue doll Waving Put on a hat , left hand waving to make it clearly facing the roadside. Instead of waving a customer to the store Create a point to attract the eyes as well.
  • Cloth pipe, 3 meters high, 50 cm. (19.6 inches) diameter.
  • The fabric is made from extra thick material. Type without glossy coating Which resulted in the crispy fabric easily cracked Because the fibers can provide better.
  • The fabric color is the color of the fabric of that color to be sewn together. Make the color more resistant to fading from sunlight Than color prints on fabric That the occasion of the color fade and easy to expose to the sun.
  • Should have an iron to support the fabric inside the height of not less than 1.2 m to reduce the fall of the cloth pipe when the wind blows. And helps to keep the fabric from falling on the floor While stop using.

Additional information

Weight 0.548 kg
Dimensions 265 × 340 × 45 cm